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  • BARE – The Prelude

    BARE – The Prelude

    Breathe. Moments fleeting, always getting away, awaiting my acknowledgement. Feelings, emotions, serving as signs of my attention…

  • Birthing Creativity

    Birthing Creativity

    In early 2018 after reading Rising Strong, one quote from Brené Brown kept nagging at me: “We move what we are learning from our heads to…

  • Clear is Kind

    Clear is Kind

    I’m the oldest of 3 siblings. This means I was and can still be on the bossy side. I’m half puerto-rican, half salvadoran, which by my…

  • My Elephant Sisters

    My Elephant Sisters

    As I was pushing through those icky days of the first trimester (those who have been there understand!), attempting to homeschool my…

  • Give Your Heart a Voice

    Give Your Heart a Voice

    Give your heart a voice. This statement is one of my standards for measuring whether or not I am being authentic and honest with my life….

  • On Becoming a Daughter

    On Becoming a Daughter

    I am estranged from my parents. This fact has defined so much about how I see myself and interact with the world in the ten years since…

  • You Are the Gift

    You Are the Gift

    It was approaching the end of the school year. Our calendar was swirling with activities. Field trips, field day, parties, 5th grade…

  • In Search of a Sabbath

    In Search of a Sabbath

    5 years ago our first baby was born. Since then we have been steadily accumulating children. Now at three, our hearts are delighted and…

  • Heroic Friendship

    Heroic Friendship

    “Back to the drawing board” … my heart is grateful for this concept as I think about those times we need to go before the Lord and ask…

  • The Space Between

    The Space Between

    I don’t like to look at pain. If I can, I avoid it. Look the other way. But no matter how I avert my eyes, there it is… in the fabric of…