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Join a Nine Month School of the Heart

It’s true that a lot of women are looking for a place to grow and go deep with other women. But there are always obstacles; you don’t want to create something new or don’t know how to facilitate it yourself. Or maybe you’ve tried and still didn’t find the depth and connection you were looking for.

Join our Nine Month School of the Heart
  • Fully facilitated space for your growth and connection online or in-person
  • Nine months of the curriculum in PDF format
  • Built in interactive discussion, space for storytelling, creative exercises, prayer, encouragement and prophetic time Find momentum you’ve been looking for
  • Find your true identity in God Get a sense of direction for your life
  • Find a place of honesty, love, acceptance Be challenged in your emotional and spiritual growth

Emotional and Spiritual Transformation in Community

We’ve lived in auto-pilot long enough. We want more! At School of the Heart, we facilitate a nine month experience where women find emotional and spiritual transformation within the beauty of real community.

Vision for School of the Heart from Our Founder Rhodalynn Jetton

How it Works

  1. Apply Now
  2. Pay Deposit – You will get a link after applying
  3. Find Emotional and Spiritual Transformation in Community

Testimonies From Our Community of Women

  • Kara

    Three years ago, I gave my “yes”to join a group of woman on what would be the most transformative journey of my life. The journey in to and living fully from my heart. I gave my yes and joined with disqualification and excuses swirling in my mind, and found a place of true belonging that I had never known before. Surrounded by beautiful souls, we entered into our own internal work and held space for each other to laugh and cry. To be seen and heard. To know and be known. It is a sacred, holy, authentic and safe place to be.

  • Cherie

    God had been whispering to my heart for a while about leveling up in leadership, and that He was drawing me into a different season. It felt like I had been plowing and growing things in my heart for so long, doing hard work in the dark places. Now it was time to pick some of the fruit of that work and pass it on to other women so they could pull those seeds out and cultivate them in their own hearts. I knew that often I don’t realize what has been developed inside until something happens to pull it out. My agreement to lead within School of the Heart was an intentional positioning of myself to give space for that revealing to happen, and also a pursuit of the leadership goals Papa God gave me. On the other side of that Yes, I somehow have ended up feeling like I am receiving even more than I am giving, and walk away each week in awe at what God is doing in our midst.